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  • Onyxnet

  • Easy installation

    No server installation.

    Onyxnet provides various options for you to become a publisher. No server installation or a clutter of wiring is required. All the maintenance is done online on Onyxnet servers maintained remotely and operates using wireless internet connectivity.

  • Control

    Measure performance online.

    Monitor the advertising performance of your location with our online tools. You can measure and control the advertisements displayed at your location to enhance user experience. You will have the flexibility to choose the media from advertisers that is relevant to your business and enhance your customer experience.

  • Inform

    Inform your customers.

    You can display your own customized messages to your customers using our service. Promotional and seasonal offers and other announcements can be conveyed to your audience within and outside your store with minimal effort at a larger scale.

  • Free templates

    Create customer campaigns using our free online templates.

    Create ads in a few minutes using the templates we provide. Upload an image, type in your text and you are ready to go.